Sunday, January 20, 2013


This week Lance came out with his admissions. I posted some time ago what I thought of him. What about now? Well, I am not in one bit surprised. I remember reading his book and the overwhelming feeling that I did not like him. However, there was the fight against the disease and some of the same descriptions as I had gone through. But, despite not liking him, I admired his drive (not to get better but about his sport). I have never been short on drive and recognised this in him and felt I understood. The internal pressure to maintain this must have been huge, and the fact that he had such strength meant he was so capable of keeping it up. But at what cost? The fact that he did what he did at the expense of other peoples' lives is what I find so immoral. If he only drove himself into the ground, I could understand it, as that is what happens to the insanely driven (one way or another - I do think I have some insight here :) ). But he dragged other people down with him. He doesn't deserve the fact that I bothered to post. The only reason I am is that my wife bought me a Livestrong t-shirt last year and I loved it, I felt (even though I didn't like him) that it was a brand I inherently got (forget about the Nike downsides). It's almost funny really. You might imagine watching such a lie in a movie. Perhaps this will happen.
And no, I didn't believe him......